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Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain Essay Example

Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain Paper Waste water In the Arab world the water challenges are well studied and researched. There are facts that water security is disappearing. Especially in Bahrain, where it is a small island and the demand Atwater is increasing year by year. Waste water in Bahrain started to occur by human activities of companies, agriculture and can include a wide range of pollution. Water is an important thing therefore solutions should be made and to be delivered to the citizens of the importance of water nowadays. There is a limited awareness of Bahrain citizens about eater limitations, they are using it without any concentrations or thinking. Lots of percentages water being used incorrectly whether in plantings, home usage, or other water based activities. This has caused many issues relating to water, even to the citizens of Bahrain because water is a necessity object in everything. Moreover, issues of water quality and maintenance are decisively important; as having a constant water supply besides the water resources it could affect the development Of the country as well (Gulf News, 2010). Water comes into mostly everything in life, it is important for human being and animals to live, Lana protection where lots Of agricultural industries and farming areas are being developed in the region. As well as, its involved in lots of manufacturing. Heimlich and business sectors fields. As a fact it is more important than the oil which Bahrain is relying on for its economic aspects. Bahrain is planning new waste water treatment for the Tubule Sewage Treatment Plant. Kalmia Abraham AY Monsoon, the ministry assistant undersecretary stated in his report that the proposal of arranging a connection with the private sector in order to expand ND upgrade the Tubule Sewage Treatment Plant will be positively expected at the end to year 201 1. We will write a custom essay sample on Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Waste Water Problems and Solutions in Bahrain specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer In addition, he also said that Tubule plant is not proficient with treating the problems related to waste water and Maharaja plant will pact the waste water and generate enough amount of water for landscaping. And as a result of that it will decrease the shortages of water in Bahrain. This prevarication project is mainly developed to increase the Greenfield sewage plant treatment with facilitating the designing, financing, testing and operating well water usage in the region. Furthermore, this project is supposed to establish and introduce the main concept of waste water management throughout the people and overall firms of Bahrain and reduce number of operational problems that are faced now and find solutions Within the next 50 years (Clean Middle East, 2011). Only the stated above will not be enough for now, as people are not very much aware Of the shortages that Bahrain is facing for water. That is Why institutes and more awareness programs should be provided in the count/ in order to be able to succeed in reducing waste water problems.

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Free Essays on Zeus The Human Or Priam The God

In Homer’s Iliad, Priam, the human King of Troy, and Zeus, the divine King of the gods, are only separated by the gift of immortality. Homer compares and contrasts these great kings to show the results of this gift. Zeus is less invincible and imperturbable than he should be for his divine status. Both the divine King of the gods and the human King of Troy have a weakness for their children, which brings the mighty immortal god to the down to level of the lowly human. Homer draws these similarities between the divinity and the human in order to heighten the crucial difference in their lives and the lives of all other immortals and mortals like them. Throughout his life, Priam suffers; then he dies. Zeus on the other hand has never felt an ounce of true regret or pain because his life never ends; it is simply a game with no winner. Through Priam’s suffering, Homer shows the nobility of a tortured life as opposed to a life lived as a game. Zeus, King of the gods, has a weakness with regards to his children. When Sarpedon, Zeus’ son, is in the war path of Patroclus, Zeus ponders â€Å"whether [he] should snatch [Sarpedon] out of the sorrowful battle† to save him from certain death and â€Å"set him down alive† somewhere safe (Iliad, 16.436-437). â€Å"If [he] bring[s] Sarpedon back to his home, still living† the other gods will all want to save their favorites (Iliad, 16.445). Zeus follows the advice of his wife; he makes a decision that is best for the gods. It is best because the half-god children would all want to be saved by their respective divine parents. As a result of Zeus allowing his beloved son to die, Zeus shows that he can make difficult decisions against will of his aching heart in order to do what is best for his kingdom. Homer shows that Zeus can be levelheaded and wise- more so than Priam. He can always have another son, but the death of this beloved child affects him deeply. This loss of this one pa... Free Essays on Zeus The Human Or Priam The God Free Essays on Zeus The Human Or Priam The God In Homer’s Iliad, Priam, the human King of Troy, and Zeus, the divine King of the gods, are only separated by the gift of immortality. Homer compares and contrasts these great kings to show the results of this gift. Zeus is less invincible and imperturbable than he should be for his divine status. Both the divine King of the gods and the human King of Troy have a weakness for their children, which brings the mighty immortal god to the down to level of the lowly human. Homer draws these similarities between the divinity and the human in order to heighten the crucial difference in their lives and the lives of all other immortals and mortals like them. Throughout his life, Priam suffers; then he dies. Zeus on the other hand has never felt an ounce of true regret or pain because his life never ends; it is simply a game with no winner. Through Priam’s suffering, Homer shows the nobility of a tortured life as opposed to a life lived as a game. Zeus, King of the gods, has a weakness with regards to his children. When Sarpedon, Zeus’ son, is in the war path of Patroclus, Zeus ponders â€Å"whether [he] should snatch [Sarpedon] out of the sorrowful battle† to save him from certain death and â€Å"set him down alive† somewhere safe (Iliad, 16.436-437). â€Å"If [he] bring[s] Sarpedon back to his home, still living† the other gods will all want to save their favorites (Iliad, 16.445). Zeus follows the advice of his wife; he makes a decision that is best for the gods. It is best because the half-god children would all want to be saved by their respective divine parents. As a result of Zeus allowing his beloved son to die, Zeus shows that he can make difficult decisions against will of his aching heart in order to do what is best for his kingdom. Homer shows that Zeus can be levelheaded and wise- more so than Priam. He can always have another son, but the death of this beloved child affects him deeply. This loss of this one pa...

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Diamond Model of Porter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words - 11

Diamond Model of Porter - Essay Example This paper illustrates that Porter was able to introduce the diamond model of national competitive advantage for purposes of providing an explanation on the reasons which make a number of countries to be more competitive, in comparison to other countries. Furthermore, this model was introduced for purposes of providing an explanation of the reasons that make a variety of business systems within a particular economy to be more competitive. This model, developed by Porter gives a proposal that the national home base of a given industry plays a crucial task in achieving a competitive advantage on a wide scale. This home base, of the given industry, would make a contribution on some essential factors that will help in supporting the business systems within the industry, to build an effective and efficient strategy that can help them compete efficiently on a global perspective. Porter manages to identify four major determinants that play a role in making a country to achieve a national co mpetitive advantage. He thereafter makes a conclusion that by combining these four determinants within a given economy or country, then, they would provide a big influence on the competitive ability of the business systems that are located within the economy under consideration. In defending his points, Porter explains that a competitive industry would take the nature of a specialized cluster of industries that are found at home. These clusters are able to correlate with each other through vertical relations. Examples include managing to integrate with suppliers. Clusters are also able to correlate with each other, through horizontal relations. Horizontal relationships normally occur through distribution channels, technology, skills, and customers. Through these specialized clusters, Porter explains that a given economy would manage to develop a business system that has the capability of achieving a competitive advantage over its rivals, hence leading to economic success. The automo bile industry of Japan and the semiconductor industry of United States to the diamond model of Porter.

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Career research&analysis assignment Research Paper

Career &analysis assignment - Research Paper Example The principal collaborates with the other teachers to maintain and develop the curriculum standards, design or develop the mission statements, and set the performance objectives and goals. He/she hires, trains, recruits, and assesses the supplemental and primary staff and evaluates/ assesses the curricula, programs and teaching methods to determine their efficiency, effectiveness, and utilization and ensures that the activities of the school comply with the state, local, and federal regulations. The principal provides guidance and counsel to students about academic, personal, behavioral, and vocational issues. The other roles include leading and planning professional activities of development for administrators, support staff, and teachers and sets the educational goals and standards, which assist establish procedures and policies to carry them out (Bridges Transitions Inc). Education requirements- the educational requirements of this career include a bachelor’s degree in Education, and clear services in administration. Experience as a high school principal in a charter or public School forms part of the requirement with a Masters degree always regarded as an added advantage (CCSESA). Job outlook- Individuals in this profession report that one would often handle loads of up to 10lbs and sometimes 20lbs. the occupation may involve doing a lot of work standing or walking or may be sitting but using one’s legs and arms to control tools, equipments, or machines. This occupation thus requires that one be inside most of the time and involves standing for approximately more than a third of the working time. The occupation calls for understanding and identifying the speech of another individual, speaking clearly to be able to be understood by other people, and seeing up close clearly. The travelling and working hours are usually irregular and may also involve working during the weekend. Pay- the career of a

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Special education _ Deaf_2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Special education _ Deaf_2 - Essay Example Many languages use compounding as a way of forming new words. ASL also uses compounding during formation of new words. A familiar means of creating new words is that of deriving nouns from verbs. In English language, nouns are formed from verbs by adding suffix or changing the stress on a word (example enjoy and enjoyment). In ASL language, changing the movement patterns associated to a verb can lead to formation of nouns. Therefore, forming nouns from verbs, show a similarity between ASL language and English language (Karen, 2002 page 15 lines 9 – 14). In English language, sounds that are used in constructing words are meaningless by themselves, which are similar to the signs used in ASL linguistic. With regard to phonological separation, observation is: in both English speech and sign, there exist inventory of phonological components available as the corner stone of word formation, whether multimorphemic or monomorphemic , but merely in sign is series of such components reserved completely for use in multimorphenic, obtained words, as well as inflected words (Ronnie, 1983 page 135 line 252-257). Signs used in ASL linguistics are constructed from components that are meaningless by themselves and can be combined to form morphemes and words. There are three phonological categories in sign language; hand shape, location and movement that are used to differentiate words with similar signs. Among the major issues which has intrigued linguists is a question of what impact the modality of production/perception has on grammar of language. If at all grammar is viewed as entailing various components, in which modules would modality impacts be observed (Ronnie, 1983 page 226 lines 64-66). In English Language, the word bat and pat differ on the initial sound but have no inherent meaning by their own. Therefore, the pattern of linguistic form is similar in both ASL linguistic and English language (Karen, 2002 page 23 lines 9 – 17). Despite English language and ASL

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Adolescence as a stage of life course

Adolescence as a stage of life course This essay will discuss about adolescence as a stage of life course. It will first of all give the definition of adolescent. Utilising the lenses of Psychological, biological and sociological l theories, the essay will examine adolescent in its different facets and the impact on the adolescent. The essay will also demonstrate why adolescence is socially constructed. It will then explore how identities are formed in the process. The essay will look at the confusion in role that adolescents are facing in society. The essay will also discuss about the dynamic of the adolescents relationship with their family members, with their peers and with society as a whole. The essay will underline the importance of having the knowledge and insight of adolescence and the implication for social work practice. Adolescence or in Latin adolescere means to grow into maturity. The Evidences that marque this period are a considerable physiological as well as psychological changes. It is also defined as a time of significant changes; biologically, psychologically and social. These changes have consequently a massive impact on the adolescent`s social insertion. Considering adolescence as a process of growing up, it covers a life span between puberty and maturity. These two adjectives are what determinate the legal age of majority. According to universal definition, the beginning of adolescence is clearly defined by the appearance of the signs of puberty. These signs are triggered by hormones stimulation in the brain. These signs are internal as well as external. This transitional stage is the bridge that connects childhood and adulthood. Therefore teenagers are neither children nor adults. These changes have an impact on their relationships with both parents and peers. It also influences adolescents roles in society. The difficulties that are experienced by adolescents are also the confusion of definition, identity is a sense of self that develops as the child differentiates from parents and family and takes a place in society. This refers to the sense that adolescents have of who they are and also of what is most important about them. According to Erickson (1963) psychosocial theory, the adolescence life stage covers the period to 13 to 19 years old. He described this stage as fidelity where about the adolescent is experiencing psychosocial crisis. He described the crisis that characterise adolescence as identity versus role confusion. The psychosocial crisis is ` being the identity crisis versus the role confusion. The adolescent will raise concern about his appearance, his position and his role within society. During The transition from childhood to adulthood, the adolescent will also evaluate the role he will be playing in the grown-ups world. The combination of identity and roles for the adolescent is considered according to Hall (1904), as a time of storm and stress. The signs that forecast the storm and stress are mental disorder and challenging behaviour such as delinquency, mood swinging, withdrawalà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ These changes within the adolescent`s life can also be voice breaking, experience sex arousal, gender-role identity increasing autonomy and responsibilities. Erickson (1963) was in favour that it is natural for human being to pass through a genetically determined sequence of psychosocial stages. Surely the adolescent will experience role confusion, confused ideas and feelings regarding specific ways in which he will fit into society. This experience will be underpinned by a spectrum of behaviour associated with certain activities such as getting closer to particular individual or enjoying doing specific things. The adolescent is hungry for more freedom; consequently parents have to reconsider their attitudes regarding their relationship with the adolescent. Erickson (1963) insisted that only when the adolescent is secured and confident in his own identity, he then can take risks involved in genuine social and sexual intimacy of a lasting kind. He stressed that during the adolescence life stage, the individual will eventually achieve a sense of identity regarding whom he is and where his life is heading to. A successful negotiation of the adolescence passage could prepare the adolescent for adult life by providing him with a sense of identity or in other words the adolescent will gain a sense of ego identity. Also the other facet of adolescent`s life is in later stages of adolescence the individual develops a sense of sexual identity. Erickson stressed that during adolescence, the blending of rapid growth, hormonal changes and a increasing awareness of adult tasks ahead pauses the question of the sameness and continuity. However, the problem in adolescence is the difficulty to establish a meaningful sense of personal identity. Evidence showed that emotional arousals are very intense and volatile during adolescence. The only possible escape route from this trap is risk-taking behaviour. Consequently the adolescent will be confronted by life-determined important question? Who am I and who will I be? The emergence of adult personality, is linked to the ability to choose and being faithful to commitments in role playing within society. He went on by stressing that the adolescent who fails to link identity and role will experience hardship and confusion in his lifespan. He insisted that life stages are punctuated by hardship and crisis. Life will always press demands upon individual, but the adolescent must be able to solve problem in order to successfully make transition between life stages. Hendry and Kloep (1999) were in favour to Erickson`s Psychosocial theory as they stressed that young people, as they grow up, find themselves in the trap of having to respond more and more to society`s demand in a responsible and adult way while being treated as immature and not capable of holding clear opinions on a wide range of social matters. This view demonstrates the difficulty for adolescent to behave like one. He is wanted to respond like an adult, but in the adult`s world he is considered as a child, therefore he is not able to get involve into serious discussions about society`s matters. But it is important to stress that adolescence is determined by an interconnection between physical and psychological development. During this period, new cognitive skills occur. The adolescent is able to reflect upon hypothetical event such as the concept of self and others. This would reshape the relationship between the adolescent and his family member and also with his peers. It important to stress that the quest for identity and the changing nature of relationship are considered as the specific traits of this period. James Marcia (1993), a writer who worked on Erickson`s life stage found four distinct kinds of identity status within adolescence. First of all he mentioned the identity diffusion which is characterised by the lack of commitment and indecision about serious life matters. The second identity status is the identity foreclosure. This one is the status of preliminary commitment and value commitment. It is characterised by the acceptance of other values. In other words, the adolescent is does not question or rebel against adults authorities. The third element that James Marcia (1993) found is the moratorium. He argued that the moratorium is a state of intense identity crisis. This crisis is defined by active interest to great decisions and exploration of opportunities for the future, but not yet concludes in a hard engagement. He went on by concluding that the moratorium status is and uncomfortable situation, because the adolescent may be tempted to avoid by going for the foreclosure. The last observation he made was the discovery of the identity achievement. The individual have overcome the crisis that he was experiencing and has finally decided engage in a concrete commitment. As Erickson would claim, this individual has successfully negotiated the challenge of this stage of life. Piaget`s (1952) work helps understanding the quantitative changes in how the adolescents think about their world. He claimed that adolescence is when children reach the stage of formal operation. He argued that at this stage, children are capable of solving problem as adults. According to his theory; Adolescence is the period when young people gain considerable new changes in their thinking abilities. We all agree that greater maturity emerges in capacities of reasoning and problem-solving. In the case of adolescence, it seems to be a qualitative move in thinking toward the ability to maintain different views simultaneously, considering knowledge and values as more linked than during childhood, and exploring more options and possibilities in their decision-making. On the other hand, these capacities of seeing situation from different perspective enable the adolescent to reflect upon the quality of his relationship with others and how he is treated. However, the probability of the good use of these new capacities depends on the experience, expertise and environmental demands. For Freud psychosexual theory, adolescence is regarded as the final stage of psychosexual development. Adolescence is directly linked to a considerable change in a sexual attitude. The adolescent seems to be directed toward the opposite sex in order to find a partner. Bowlby regarded adolescence as a stage which attachments to parents-figures are loosened. The adolescent will form new adult attachement. Bandura`s social learning stressed that most of human behaviour is learned observationally through modelling: from observing others, one forms an ideas of how new behaviours are performed, and on later occasions this coded information serves as a guide for action. This theory demonstrates that human behaviour is a continuous reciprocal intervention between cognitive, behavioural and environmental influence. In respect of the adolescent`s identity and role, the social learning theory explains that adolescent copies his behaviour from what he has been taught. Also the quality of this relationship with others will depend on the codes received from them and from the environment. Maslow (1970) Humanistic approach in terms of the adolescence stage tends toward the self-actualisation aspect. As the adolescent is preparing to get into adult world, it is important to understand certain prerequisites attached to his status. Self-actualisation is the fact that one make full use of one`s talent and capacities. But in order to understand the full meaning of what constitutes full use, one must have a conception of the goal of growth and development. But yet like Rogers, Maslow believed that healthy people would start to show certain traits of self-actualisation characteristics. Aristotle (4th century B.C/1941 translation) comes in support of the social learning approach. He regarded that human being is an organic whole. His biological development has an impact on his psychological development. He stresses that young people that experience adolescence are emotionally unstable. Furthermore, Plato and Aristotle argued that those adolescents are impulsive. They are predisposed to excess. This attitude can be explained by the biological and psychological changes that they are going through. But, they marked that the end of this seismic period is punctuates by the development of a sense of self-control. Aristotle recognised that the most important trait of adolescence was the ability to choose. But this ability to choose is conditioned by various humanistic stages. Baker (1990) insists that although adolescence is a time of major change, many adolescents will experience it without major difficulty. Giving that adolescence spreads over a number of years, it involves important aspects such as social, emotional, cognitive and physical changes. In order to develop better understanding of this life stage, adolescence is divided into three sub-stages. The early adolescence (12-14) is the year where most of the physical changes appear. These changes are also followed by changes in relationships with peers and parents. The middle adolescence (14-16): at this stage, again variations occur. The most noticeable change is the increasing hunger for independence. But also some the adolescent are preparing for adult occupation and/or going into further education. Again, some of them experience late physical changes such as the appearance of spurts, voice breakingà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¦ Some of them exceptionally enter adult roles directly from middle adolescence. Late adolescence (17-19) is the time of progressive preparation for adulthood. As one would notice that the key features for adolescent are most of the time seen to be establishing a secure sense of who they are as they prepare for adult roles. It`s also about weaving more interdependent relationships with families. It is reaching physical adult maturity. And finally, it is constructing relationships with peers. Berger (1966) society not only controls our movements, but shapes our identity, our thought and our emotions. The structures of society become the structures of our own consciousness. Society does not stop at the surface of our skins. Society penetrates us as much as it envelops us. Human being is a sociable individual. His development and his identity are shaped by his ability of building up a relationship with others and with his environment. Talcott (1954), a functionalist argued that age differences are the forces that drive the overall functioning of the social system. He insisted that differences in social roles are associated with age groups in order to ensure the smooth running of the society itself. According to Talcott Parsons (1954) a functionalist, differences in the roles associated with age groups were very important for the good functioning of society. Talcott (1954) stressed that adolescence is a time when children start to express independence from their parents. Concerning the adolescence, Talcott (1954) believed that it the time when children start to develop independence from their parents. In the industrial society it is important that adolescents detached themselves from their parents in order to allow party, parents and adolescents to freely move to where work can be found. This independence from their parents shifts the loyalty that adolescents have for their parents to their peers and / or partners. Talcott (1954) went on by stressing that adolescents in their quest for independence are most of the time involve in a sort of rebellion. Also adolescents in their quest of who they are, put lot of accents on their image and on their independence. Though, it understood that the transition towards adult roles may not always be a smooth one, it helps the emergence of independent individuals within families units who well adapt to respond to the needs of industrial societies. Other authors would support that adolescence is by definition partly biology but also psychological transition, which is differently seen in different societies, at a different epoch. As far as they were concerned, in non-industrial countries where children were involved in the same activity as their parents, adolescence was a brief transition from childhood to adulthood. This brief transition was however marked by a cultural ceremony. For example, The Bar Mitzvah in the Jewish culture celebrates the transition for boys. However one understood that in western society, there is not a precise date to mark adolescence but it does mention a relatively prolong period in which young people are biologically adult but legally children. Nevertheless it is clear that the biological change is chares by every society. The explanation of the rebellious attitude of adolescents toward their parents could be due to the fact that the individual would like to resemble to the parents. They want to have the same authority and freedom as their parents. On the other hand, conformity in rule biding in Order, deviance and control are some of the basic realities in society. Order in society is the fact that individual can act and interact without major interruption. The definition of social order is the conformity to social norms and rules. Deviance occurs generally when rules are broken. Adolescents anti-social behaviour can be seen as a form of deviance. The main formal way to control adolescents deviance includes the police, the court, the prison, probation system and also the social worker. Durkheim ( ) a functionalist, insisted that order is important for the simple reason that it maintains the social equilibrium .Surely order is important for social life. However no-one have said that it is morally good of bad. It is how order is given which constitutes the major issues. Most authors recognised that adolescence is a transition stage which involves establishing a new identity. However, as individual experience things differently, one can stress that adolescence is not necessary a time of stress and bad behaviour. Other people have experienced a smooth transition from childhood to adolescence. Merton Marxist conclusion Ref: jann gumbiner (2003),Adolescent assessment Ref : Kate Wilson, Gillian Ruch ,Mark Lymbery, Andrew Cooper (2008), Social work (an introduction to contemporary practice), Pearson Education Limited. Ref : Richard Gross (2009) psychology the science of mind and behaviour, Hodder Arnold, 5th edition Ref: William E. Glassman(1995), approaches to psychology, open university press, 2nd edition. Ref : Haralambros and Holborn (2008), Sociology, Themes and Perspectives, Collins, seven edition Ref : Chris Beckett (2002), Human Growth and Development, Sage Publication Ltd, first edition. Mike O`Donnell (1997), Introduction to sociology, Thomas Nelson and Sons Ltd, Fourth edition

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Place Matters :: essays research papers

Place Matters: Metropolitics for the Twenty-first Century â€Å"Could suburbs prosper independently of central cities? Probably. But would they prosper even more if they were a part of a better-integrated metropolis? The answer is almost certainly yes.† (p. 66) Deepening economic inequality is fundamentally associated with the spatial polarization between central cities and sprawling suburbs, and between wealthy regions and poorer ones. Government policies have promoted economic and racial segregation, encouraged businesses and the wealthy to move to outer suburbs, and effectively limited the poor and minorities to central cities or troubled inner-ring suburbs. It was interesting to find that 39 percent of all earnings in New Orleans come from residents who worked in the central city. I did not think that the central city of New Orleans had such a dense market for higher paying jobs! This fact is very positive for the city, and hopefully the corporate services industry continues to grow here in New Orleans because the density allows for overall productivity. And the suburban property values outside New Orleans depend on the availability of jobs and an active economy in the Central Business District. So places like Metairie and River Ridge or â€Å"edge cities† really rely on the strength of the central city of New Orleans. Therefore it should be the vested interest of both city and suburban residents to scrutinize federal policy that affects the economic health of all cities. After reading Place Matters, I realized that all city mayors have struggled and will continue to struggle with addressing and implementing a plan for the concentration of poverty in their cities. They all take different approaches- some believe that instead of concentrating on anti-poverty programs, they want attract new investments, such as international companies to promote smart growth. This is to trickle down the services from taxes and create jobs for the motivated poor. In order to attract these international companies, the city infrastructure must also be attractive. Policies that do not take care of city infrastructure and development get little interest from outside corporate capital for investment. Secondly, they also promise things like better jobs, better low-income housing, and better schools but all to often this is a ploy to rally support for votes. Inner city poverty ends up being far too great of an overwhelming problem; so voting is usually swayed to more programs t hat aid the poor rather than fix the problems. The wealthy want and need different things than the poor and much less involved than their counterparts.

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Betrayal in Hamlet Essay

How does betrayal or treachery help in developing the main character? What it reveals about the characters? Use a theme. How betrayal was a theme and how if affected the main character? William Shakespeare, one of the most influential writers in history, was renowned for masterfully elaborating themes of real life into his pieces of literature. In fact, his plays were able to transcend time, influencing the course of western literature because of their universal thematic. In one of Shakespeare’s most acclaimed plays, Hamlet, the author dissects the common theme of betrayal. Although the play carries the name of its main protagonist, all characters play crucial roles in the development of the many layers of meaning of the intricate plot and the character of Hamlet himself. Four characters in particular play important roles in developing a predominant theme in Hamlet. From the beginning of the play to the end, Hamlet experiences a development of character through the betrayals of Gertrude, Ophelia, Rosencrantz and Gildernstern. When the play opens, Hamlet’s relationship with his mother was very close. Nonetheless, after his mother married his uncle only two months after his father’s death, Hamlet suspected that she was involved in the plot to murder his father. Consequently, Hamlet’s feeling and trust in his mother were greatly diminished. These incestuous actions by Hamlet’s mother, the most important woman in his life, added the distrust of women to Hamlet’s feelings. He mocked his mother, the â€Å"seeming virtuous queen†, with phrases like â€Å"frailty, thy name is woman†, and â€Å"such dexterity to incestuous sheets†. His words not only illustrated his disgust, frustration and disappointment towards his mother and women in general, but also established Hamlet’s sense of isolation. A young man such as Hamlet often puts his mother on a pillar and uses her as a comparison as to how all women are to behave. Gertrude’s behaviour provided Hamlet with a false sense of security and distorted his views on women. Hamlet showed no affection towards his mother throughout the entire play. It is obvious that he loved her dearly, however, his behaviour did not portray his true emotions. Though it is difficult to see, due to Hamlet’s immature behaviour, it is clear that the loving relationship between mother and son did exist. The extent to which Hamlet felt betrayed by Gertrude is far more apparent with his interactions with Ophelia. Hamlet’s feelings of rage against his mother were directed toward Ophelia, who was, in his estimation, disguised her true nature behind a veil of impeccability. Ophelia complied with Polonius’ orders to stop seeing Hamlet, and later allowed both Polonius and Claudius to spy on her conversation with Hamlet. These continuous betrayals from Ophelia deteriorate Hamlet’s opinion of women. Hamlet advised Ophelia â€Å"Get thee to a nunnery†(3.1.121). Hamlet felt embarrassment and frustration in the failure of persuading Ophelia to care about him. In Hamlets eyes, this failure could only be explained by the fact that she is a woman. Hamlet’s love was broken and misused once again in the case with Ophelia. Hamlet’s consistent betrayal by the women in his life has added to the growing hatred of women through his eyes. Hamlet’s feelings for Ophelia shifted from passionate love, to resentful hatred. He resented her for being the weak character that she is and listening to her father, therefore not returning his love. While at the same time, he was madly in love with her, and could not express his feelings any more than he already has. Not only is he immature in his actions towards her, but also very unpredictable. For example, his behaviour towards her during the play that he created is immoral, and rude. His possessive and persistent behaviour frightened Ophelia, for he continuously threatened her and attempted to persuade her to return his love. Even Hamlet’s close friends Rosencrantz and Gildernstern betrayed him by spying on Hamlet for Claudius and Gertrude (Act 2 Scene 3). Rosencratz and Guildenstern represent disloyalty and dishonesty in the play. They betray their friend and conspire with the King to eliminate Hamlet. Hamlet uncovered their deceitfulness and ironically arranges for their death. Ironically, these two men’s treachery leads to their own demise in the hands of the man they betrayed, Hamlet. The betrayal of Rosencrantz and Gildernstern affected his life significantly. Hamlet reached his lowest point. From the evidence stated above, one can see that it was all the traumatic events in Hamlet’s life that lead him to grieve. Hamlet not only lost his father, but was also betrayed by everyone that he holds dear. Hamlet could not handle and bear all the pressures of life at that particular part in time. Hamlet’s character, though extremely complex and intricate, is also surprisingly immature and unpredictable. Hamlet’s personality is directly reflected in most notably in his relationships with his mother, Gertrude, and his lover Ophelia. The character of Gertrude and Ophelia help to reveal Hamlet’s true personality. The weakness and naà ¯ve aspects of their characters exemplify Hamlet’s controlling personality. Through their own characteristics, Gertrude, Ophelia, Rosencrantz and Gildernstern helped illustrate Hamlet’s personality throughout the play. â€Å"Frailty thy name is woman† may have been Shakepeare’s attitude about the female characters of the play; however, this weak and naive characteristic that he placed on the female roles was a necessity to the play. Hamlet’s immature, unpredictable and insane behaviour could not have been defined if the female roles had not existed in the plot to shape his true personality.

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Between the World and Me Summary and Response Essays - Free Essays

Between the World and Me Summary and Response Essays - Free Essays Between the World and Me Summary and Response Between the World and Me' is a letter written by from Ta-Nehisi Coates to his 15-year-old son educating him on what it means to be living in America as a black body' and als o pleading to him to reject the false optimistic view known as the dream' . Coates speaks of about the life lessons he learnt as a child in West Baltimore. He realizes that the constant punishment from his father as well as the attire and behavior from guys in his neighborhood were all related to the fear being instilled on them by white America. Coates rejects the Dream' of Americans because he believes this dream is built upon white supremacy and America's tendency to overlook centuries of oppression against black people. The author reminisces about his time at Howard University and how it shaped him. He argues that race' is a social construct . Coates believes that white America also fears the power and preeminence of the black body hence their oppressive actions. I agree with the author's point of view as I also reject the dream' painted by America as it just a disguise for cruel history of America towards black people.

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Antoni Gaudi essays

Antoni Gaudi essays Antoni Gaudi was a Spanish architect, born on 25th June 1852 in Reus. He attended secondary school in the Colegio de los Padres Escolapios also in Reus in 1863. Gaudi also attended preparatory courses in 1869 to enable him to study architecture at the Faculty of Natural Science at Barcelona University. In 1873 Gaudi studied architecture at the Escola Provincial dArchitectura in Barcelona and just before finishing his studies he was awarded a public contract to design street lamps for the City, which were installed in 1879. On the 15th March 1878, Gaudi received his diploma. Gaudi died in early 1926. Gaudis earliest architectural work was the Casa Vicens, built in 1878, which was a private home in Barcelona. Gaudi has also created other works, such as the Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo and the Casa Mila. They all show Gaudis style, described as a blend of Neo-Gothic and Art Nouveau. Gaudi was inspired by mosaics but has interpreted them in his own way. Instead of flat, angular shapes, Gaudi creates smooth, shaped and curved 3D forms, and there are virtually no straight lines. Gaudi also includes shapes from natural forms, such as lizards, snakes and mushrooms. These forms can all be found in Park Guell. Gaudis rounded, unique wavelike style also reminds me of movement, although not straightforward, but a slow, wavy movement. His work and style also remind me of space, as most of his works are large especially the Casa Mila. The Casa Mila is my favourite of Gaudis buildings. It is also known as La Pedera or the Quarry, as it is a large stone and iron building, and is a pale colour with ironwork details. The outside is very smooth and wavy and has been described as a moving landscape by Josef Wiedermann. The stone is rounded and reminds me of a large cliff by the sea, as the walls appear to have been eroded by the elements. ...

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Whole Foods Market Inc 2005 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Whole Foods Market Inc 2005 - Case Study Example Considering that customers insist on green products or products that pose no threat to the environment, they are more aware of eating food that has no side effects to their bodies. Most foods have been blamed for causing different ailments and for their low nutritional value, which has resulted in increased awareness among consumers on the need to stay healthy by watching what they eat. Whole Foods Markets Inc. is a company that takes care of these worries from consumers. The company offers natural healthy foods that are valuable in a market crowded with canned inorganic foods. Whole Foods in its provision of natural foods makes a wide range of natural food available to its consumers. The company is currently the only firm operating in a waterfront seafood facility after acquiring Pigeon Cove (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson 334). The company enjoys a monopoly in production of fresh seafood, which is a delicacy for many fish lovers. The other sustainable competency that makes Whole Foods c ompetitive in the market is its operating conditions. The company ranks among the 100 best companies to work in globally, a ranking that attracts highly skilled expertise to the business across the globe. Today’s employee is sophisticated and is highly motivated by working in a versatile environment that recognizes and adapts to their needs and not the traditional fixed working environments. These strengths are sustainable in that today more people are concerned about their eating lifestyles. This is a boost to companies such as Whole Foods Market, which pioneered offering fresh and healthy foods for those requiring special diets and the general population in the business. The company has a strong market niche that guarantees increased growth and a huge customer base into the future. Q2 Since Whole Foods pioneered the sale of natural and fresh perishable goods in the market, there have been tremendous changes in the industry. One of the significant changes have been sensitizi ng people and creating awareness on the need for people to use natural foods and not processed foods. Over the time, most people used processed foods, which has been blamed for increased diabetic cases among other complications. Whole Foods in pioneering to deal with natural fresh foods enlightened many consumers on the need to use natural foods for the betterment of their health, which explains the drastic growth of the natural food industry today. Another development has been an increase in the number of companies offering such foods. Due to the high numbers of consumers seeking to consume natural food, more entrepreneurs and food-based companies started offering natural foods to their clients as the market for natural foods broadened. For instance, Wal-Mart began selling freshly prepared foods to its customers in encouraging a one stop shopping experience among its clients. The need arose from an increasingly busy life, where some couples worked for long hours, lacking enough tim e to prepare meals at home. The increased demand for natural food led Whole Foods to open numerous stores in major metropolitan areas, where the company sold its products at relatively lower prices than their competitors. Essentially, as the need for fresh and organic products increased, there was a shortage of such products in the market as more stores searched for suppliers of different produce to satisfy the customers’ changing tastes and preferences. Moreover, companies such as Whole Foods sensitized producers on the need to observe organic farming, making organic farming a treasured practice across their market areas. Whole Foods had a strict code of practice to be followed by all its suppliers. This included the need for a supplier to outline the entire production process in animals and other

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Report based on the Aye Choonz music service Essay

Report based on the Aye Choonz music service - Essay Example The Palz Choonz service epitomizes what is known as the â€Å"peer-to-peer† file sharing. Users can upload music files from their devices and by connecting to the Aye Choonz system, allow other users to retrieve the file on demand. Users can choose the music to make available and can also obtain electronic copies of music that any other person may have chosen to upload to the system. Using the â€Å"MP3† technology, music files are duplicated, transferred and stored for efficient reproduction and sound recording in a computer-readable format. The copyright and patent concepts were both included in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act (CDPA) 1988 (s. 4(1) and.5 A (1)). Under Article 1, (s. 4(a), of the constitution, the DPA secures for a limited time period to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writing and Discoveries In the case of Napster the Ninth Circuit also held that Napster was not protected under Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studio, Inc., â€Å"the Betamax case†, because of Napster’s â€Å"actual, specific knowledge of direct infringement.† Napster argued that the existing Audio Home Recording Act 9(17 U.S.C.  §Ã‚ §1001-10) protected them under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s safe harbor clause (17U.S.C  § 512). ... (25 marks) Customer database brings about the issue of privacy, which is a complex legal issue. The Electronic Communications Privacy Act is tasked with protecting users. Websites such as Aye Choonz collect significant amounts of personal and identifiable data that can trigger liability risk (s.3 (1, b, i)). Users5 consent to the collections of names, physical or email addresses and credit card information through forms are archived on the site. By Aye Choonz allowing third-party advertiser’s6 access to the database, it means that these organisations can track users’ browsing habits. Using cookies information is collected as a user surfs the web and feeds the information to a web server. The Aye Choonz vendor site will send cookies which are basically an identification number to the client’s computer, where it is stored in a file on the client’s hard drive and serves as a digital identifier tag that notifies Aye Choonz whenever the client re-enters the Buy Choonz site (s.3 (1,c).. According to The Electronic Communication Privacy Act7 sites like Aye Choonz can be liable for allowing commercial organisations to place cookies on users’ hard drives. Aye Choonz can also face the Common-law Privacy tort8 which is a common law doctrine of personal privacy and includes four grounds of tort (s.3 (5, 6)). Mc Veigh V. Cohen, the U.S. Navy obtained personal information from America Online regarding an anonymous user who described himself in his AOL user profile as a gay military officer (McVeigh, 1998) Proponents of online profiling contend that collecting user data allows sites to improve services. Aye Choonz should disclose data sharing with a third party to users even if the data is